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HISTORY OF PRODUCTION OF MINERAL WATER FROM WELLS OF THE AMUR REGIONThe Konstantinovsky field of mineral waters is located in the village of Konstantinovka of Konstantinovsky district of the Amur region, on the left river side of the Amur. In the 70th years of the last century residents of the village of Konstantinovka began to complain about a salty smack of water which began to be taken from the well. The group of hydrologists under the direction of A. T. Sorokina of the Far East Institute Of Mineral Raw Materials was interested in this fact. At that time according to all canons of hydrology there couldn't be the fields of sodium-chloride waters in the south of the Amur region. Nevertheless, Sorokina insisted on development of this field and the opening of a well confirmed an availability of sodium-chloride waters. Later, it was stated in numerous works of A.T. Sorokina. The water extraction is provided by two wells, one of which is reserve, and another one is in operation for more than 25 years and has a depth of 204 meters. The productive horizon of mineral waters is opened in zones of crushing of subvolcanic rocks of andesites and dolerites of Lower Cretaceous period of poyarkovsky suite (approximate age  145-100,5 million years). The water in wells is confined water, lie at a considerable depth and is completely protected from impact of external factors and isolated from the overlying horizons of fresh waters. According to the report of the Russian Institute Of Medical Climatology And Restorative Therapy the mineral water from the well № 2990 and 2990AT is a medicinal-table water for course treatment if sanatorium-and-spa institutions and industrial bottling. Moreover, according to the balneological report, MAXAQUA medicinal-table sparkling water can be used in preventive and medicinal (internal) therapy:

Diseases of digestive system, such as: gastric ulcer  (chronic gastritis with normal and low secretory function of a stomach); duodenum (irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome with constipation); liver diseases (chronic viral hepatitis, drug-induced liver injury, liver steatosis, chronic cholecystitis, gallstone disease); bile passages diseases (chronic hepatitis, chronic colitis, chronic pancreatitis, diseases of urinary tracts, metabolism diseases.

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